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At the Victorian launch of this week’s World AIDS Day 2020, Victorian Minster for Health, The Hon. Martin Foley spoke of the “enormous” impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic for people living with HIV.

Minister Foley said: “We know for some people living with HIV [that] experiences such as isolation, stigma, mental health and wellbeing, and financial hardship have been amplified by the pandemic. For people with HIV, it has been critical that during this time they stay in touch with health practitioners, maintain treatment routines and are supported to have other health and care needs met.

“I am aware stigma and discrimination continues to be a barrier for many people living with or at risk of HIV, particularly when accessing health services for testing, treatment and care. No one should be disadvantaged in the Victorian health system because of their HIV status, or because of diversity… today is about reminding all communities that HIV is still here, that it is treatable. That undetectable equals untransmissible.

“This year’s theme – Now More Than Ever – reminds us that support, treatment and care for people living with HIV is a priority.”