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This week is National Volunteer Week. It’s well known that volunteering plays a vital role in the development of social cohesion and social connection – both for the volunteer and those individuals and organisations they support. Volunteering provides a pathway to the development of skills, networks and values, offering an outlet for the exploration and nurturing of personal interests.

At Living Positive Victoria we regularly remind ourselves how much we value our volunteers, honouring the time that they give in a number of ways. On the eve of volunteer week we shouted our family of volunteers to a casual dinner where, outside of the office environment, stories could be shared, bonds created and friendships formed.

Living Positive Victoria’s volunteer coordinator, Dimitri Daskalakis, says that “volunteers are the lifeblood of our community and they come from all walks of life. Regardless of HIV status, or at what level each volunteer contributes, we value each and every one of them and the time that they give.”
There’s a place for volunteers at all levels of Living Positive Victoria. Whether staffing the reception desk, meeting & greeting at events and festivals or participating at Board level, our organisation is proud to embrace the volunteer ethos wholly.

Find out more about volunteering for Living Positive Victoria.