Living Positive Victoria has been part of the HIV response for the last 30 years and that is something to celebrate. We have come a long way and the advancement of HIV research and treatments and the improvement of the wellbeing of people living with HIV is a remarkable story.

We need your help to share our story as we prepare for our birthday bash later this year. Whether you are a person living with HIV or a supporter of our organisation, everyone can be involved.

If you are a person living with HIV, we are seeking people who are willing to share their experience with the organisation in either a film or a photo project.

If you are a supporter of the organisation or prefer to volunteer behind the scenes, we need people with skills in the following areas:

  • Writing
  • Interview skills
  • Event planning
  • Research
  • Administration

We want you to help us celebrate this milestone!  Click the button below and tell us how you want to contribute.

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