Taking care of yourself and others

A message from Richard Keane, CEO, Living Positive Victoria.

The Victorian Government, informed by the best advice available to them, have had to make the difficult decision to re-instate stage 4 lockdown restrictions across Victoria for the next 7 days.

I understand that many of you are becoming fatigued and a little frustrated with this ongoing situation and the challenges that come along with so many of our services and events needing to be postponed and rescheduled. Covid-19 has impacted many of our quality face to face engagements, which are key to their success and your ability to engage with us and each other.

Members of Living Positive Victoria, please keep an eye on your inbox for our monthly Poslink Express newsletter which will provide updated information on events and service delivery changes. We will also share the link to Poslink Express via social media channels to ensure all people living with HIV in Victoria and our sector partners can have access to this important information in this rapidly changing environment.

Mental Health Support

It is important that we try to maintain perspective and support each other as best we can. Beyond Blue has a 24 hr-access support line those of us who are struggling to maintain good mental health and wellbeing during this challenging period. Please don’t hesitate to call them on 1300 22 46 36.

For those living alone, we remind you that you can nominate a “bubble buddy” to engage with during this period. If you would like to reach out one of our amazing peer navigation team or a peer support worker contact us at info@livingpositivevictoria.org.au or call us and leave a message on 03 9863 8733 so we can arrange a phone call or a virtual appointment.


As people living with HIV, we have had the privilege of being included in group 1b and have access to vaccinations. I have been heartened by the high uptake of vaccinations across our community, but also understand that some individuals might still hold concerns and remain hesitant. Maybe you’re not sure where or how to access vaccination if your GP is not involved in the roll out. If you would like to discuss this issue with one of our peer team, please reach out and do so. We understand through our lived experience as people living with HIV about protecting our own health and the health of others.

Even under stage 4 restrictions you can leave your place of residence for testing and vaccination.

I remind everyone across the diverse communities of people living with and affected by HIV with which we engage, that our very best medical, scientific and public health experts are working hard alongside us to contain the virus.

Take Care

We know what we need to do and how to continue to engage to the best of our abilities under these circumstances and it’s all we can ask of ourselves and others. Take care of yourself, your loved ones and remain connected over the next 7 days.

On behalf of our President Christabel Millar, the board of governance, our wonderful staff team and many volunteers, we want to remind you all that you are valued and your well-being and that of all our members and community is central to everything we aspire to at TEAM LPV.

Warm regards.

Richard Keane
Living Positive Victoria