Straight Arrows

The Straight Arrows program focuses on services for women, heterosexual men, children and families living with and directly affected by HIV. We believe that it is important to include not only individuals living with HIV but their partners, children and family in all programs and services. This best equips partners and families to support their loved one living with HIV, promote social connectedness and maintain health and wellbeing.

If you’re newly diagnosed or have been on your HIV journey for a long time, there is something here for you.

Our Peer Support team is made up of people living with HIV who have experienced many of the fears and concerns that you may currently be grappling with. They are there to support you in your HIV journey and to help you achieve your goals and reach full health and emotional wellbeing.

Connecting with Others Living with HIV

We understand that social isolation is a concern for many women and heterosexual men living with HIV. There are several ways to meet other women and heterosexual men in a safe, welcoming environment.

Services for Families

Our office is a family friendly space and you are always welcome to visit with children. We also have programs designed to support families, including family cams, fun activities, our Christmas party, resources and more.