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Learn how to create a heathy and balanced diet with Dietician Jenny McDonald

It is important for everyone to eat healthy and be healthy, but more so for those of us who are living with HIV. Good food and good nutrition can help us to live well in this fast paced, fast food world. It is very important for people living with HIV to eat well for optimum health and be the best in whatever we are doing. We can only do this by having a healthy and balanced food intake.

Living Positive Victoria has developed Cook n Chat, a coming together of heterosexual men living with HIV who meet monthly over a meal. This is an opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other. While the emphasis is on social connection between heterosexual men, in June, to mix it right up, Cook n Chat will be open to women living with HIV as well, and offers a special opportunity to explore better nutrition in the company of guest speaker, Dietician Jenny McDonald.

Jenny McDonald is co-author of ‘Eat and Enjoy, What to Eat and Why’. Jenny was the chief dietician at Fairfield Hospital at the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, providing much needed nutritional support to people living with HIV.

Jenny will guide you through ways to prepare foods that are healthy, tasty and nutritious and fit in with your own lifestyle. The June Cook n Chat will give you the opportunity to bounce ideas off others and go home with a better understanding of why we use all foods and why there aren’t any bad foods when used occasionally and in moderation.

Dinner and soft drinks, will be supplied.

Whether you are recently diagnosed or have been living with HIV for some time, this is a place where you can come as you are, build connections and thrive with others living with HIV.

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