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Ageing with HIV

Living Positive Victoria and Thorne Harbour Health: Positive Self-Management Program for ageing PLHIV

This project delivers a peer facilitated, Positive Self-Management Program for HIV to the ageing PLHIV population in Victoria. It is a patient centred, education program model of Stanford Medicine, part of Stanford University USA. These programs align with principles of self-management, community-based health education and an empowerment philosophy. The program provides the skills to coordinate all health management needs and set achievable goals.

The workshops comprise of weekly sessions of two and a half hours for six weeks in safe community settings. Two trained peers facilitate the workshops. Sessions are participative, where mutual support and success build participant confidence.

This project will implement training of facilitators (past workshop participants) to continue delivering the program to PLHIV.

If you want more information and to be involved, contact:
Vic Perri: 9863 8733,