Positive Community Award recipients announced at 2023 AGM

Our  community has continued to demonstrate extraordinary and unwavering support and leadership. The 2023 Positive Community Awards were announced at LPV’s recent AGM, recognising the individuals who support the positive community and, with their dedication and commitment, encourage others to do the same.


Community Champion Award
Awarded to an individual, group or organisation that has had a significant impact on the lives of people living with HIV through a sustained and extraordinary contribution that supports and empowers our positive community.

The recipient of this year’s Community Champion Award is Tapuwa Bofu

Tapuwa has been nominated for the award due to his outstanding contribution and commitment to our Multicultural Working Group and our ongoing partnership with The Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health (CEH). Tapuwa was an exceptional addition the Multicultural Working Group. He was always forthcoming with ideas and his ability to share his experiences and work collaboratively within the group allowed for a pilot migration workshop to be successfully delivered which is now a staple program of LPV.
As we deliver our strategic plan and develop our multicultural engagement plan it’s imperative that we continue to foster great partnerships with incredible people like Tapuwa and organisations such as CEH. By sharing our knowledge, skills and experiences we can build a better future for all people living with HIV.

Volunteer Award
Awarded to a volunteer who has provided outstanding service contributing towards our vision of a world where people living with HIV in Victoria live their lives to their full potential, in good health and free from discrimination.

The recipient of this year’s Volunteer Award is Pawan Shokeen

Pawan continues to be one of the most exciting and up and coming HIV advocates in Australia. From someone who was diagnosed only a couple of years ago, from being one of our clients, to now being the lead for the first Positive South Asian Group in Australia, a part of our Multicultural Working Group, and one of the Board of Directors at Living Positive Victoria, Pawan’s strength, passion and growth embodies the future that we’re trying to create for all positive folks in Australia. He represents young people living with HIV, who have migrated here to create a meaningful life with his community.
Pawan’s generosity in providing informal peer support for individuals who have struggled to connect to our organisation continues to model the way for others.
Our diversity as a community is what gives us the resilience and the capacity to remain responsive to a growing and ever-changing community. Pawan is invaluable to the work we do alongside the positive community in Victoria as his involvement helps identify the diverse issues that matter in our communities.

President’s Award
Awarded at the discretion of the President to an individual, group or organisation within the broader community that has demonstrated visionary leadership in improving the quality of life for HIV-positive people. Often the recipient will have served over a long period and contributed to high-level improvements in services for HIV-positive people and to an increased level of awareness of HIV issues.

The recipients of this year’s President’s Award are Carlos Araya / Adam Bratt / John Cole / Clint Dowdell / Sarah Hocking / Anna Lastova / Stephanie Lee / Jessi Lewis / Deodata Masvosva / John James Musa / Jeffrey Robertson / Philip Ryan

These individuals are recognised for their commitment to our community and lasting contribution to Living Positive Victoria by appearing in our Strategic Plan 2023-28. Their actions are a testament to Living Positive Victoria’s mission to enable and empower all individuals affected by and living with HIV to be part of the response.


Read about the further achievements of our community in LPV’s 2023 Annual Report


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