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The effects of COVID-19 on some of our community have been profoundly life-changing. The experiences of lost income and a sense of social isolation have caused a lot of our community to rely on the support of Living Positive Victoria’s programs and services in unprecedented ways.

To reflect this need, we have made a short-term change in the way our Finance and Learning Independence Fund (FLIP) is made available to our members who are experiencing the financial effects of COVID-19. Items such as medication, essential clothing and bedding, heaters and domestic necessities, household utility bills and basic food requirements can now be financed, in part, via an application to FLIP.

As well as a modest State Government provision of resources, FLIP relies on donations and funding from the community to continue to remain buoyant and active. LPV is reaching out to those who are in a position to assist individuals and families affected by HIV who are in need at this time. Your donation will go towards making the lives of people living with HIV a whole lot more sustainable as the effects of COVID-19 continue, particularly as Winter approaches.

As the President of Living Positive Victoria, my thoughts are with all of our members who are struggling due to the effects of COVID-19. As an organisation, the delivery of our programs and services has been able to adapt to these changing times but it’s the most vulnerable in our community who we must not leave behind. Please consider those of us who are struggling to make ends meets at this time and make an end of financial year tax exempt donation to our FLIP program, where your money will go directly towards helping people living with HIV to navigate the financial barriers that COVID-19 has placed in front of them.” Adam Ehm, President, Living Positive Victoria.

To make a one-off or recurring cash donation to FLIP, please visit our Donations page or to learn more about FLIP and discuss ways you can contribute to the increased wellbeing of our community, please contact our Director of Programs and People, Suzy Malhotra.