MPX Update: September 2023

Despite recent cases emerging in Victoria, the reduction in the spread of MPX within the community speaks to the efforts everyone has put into getting vaccinated and/or following preventative measures. However, people who have MPX may not show any visible signs of infection. The best protection against MPX is to have two doses of the vaccine. It still remains that many people who have received the first dose have yet to get their second dose.

While the first dose does protect you somewhat from MPX, it is not completely effective on its own. Two doses give you almost complete protection.

Vaccines are now readily available in Victoria, and we strongly encourage anybody who is eligible for a vaccine to contact their local MPX vaccine hub to organise their vaccine, especially if you plan to travel overseas. See below for more information on your closest vaccine hub.

Victorian vaccination roll-out for MPX

The MPX vaccine is now being injected just under the skin on the forearm or into the muscle of the upper arm. The forearm injection normally results in a small sore at the site of injection that may last for up to 6 weeks. The upper arm injection normally results in a small, sometimes sore, lump at the injection site that may last up to a week or so. There are more MPX vaccines now readily available, and the vaccine hubs are actively taking new appointments. Please contact Thorne Harbour Health  if you are eligible and wanting to get vaccinated against MPX:

For individuals who fulfil the criteria for vaccination and reside in regional Victoria, please email your closest Local Public Health Unit: 

Local Public Health Unit Email  

Ovens Murray 

Barwon South West  

Gippsland/La Trobe 

Goulburn Valley 


Loddon Mallee 


For more information please refer to the MPX page on the Victorian Department of Health website.  

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