ENUF Stigma Campaign

Resist HIV stigma and promote resilience

“HIV stigma remains the single most important barrier to public action… it helps make AIDS the silent killer, because people fear the social disgrace of talking about it or taking easily available precautions. Stigma is the chief reason why the AIDS epidemic continues to devastate societies around the world.”
Ban Ki Moon, United Nations Secretary-General

ENUF is your social action to resist HIV stigma and promote resilience. Its people’s voices and stories.  It is a campaign that relies upon a whole crowd of people thinking about stigma and sharing their experiences.

The ENUF campaign relies upon the submissions of stories and experiences from those living with HIV stigma.  We invite you to share their voice and we encourage you to consider providing us permission to use your stories in the production of the campaign messages from t-shirts to billboards, posters to magazine articles.

Learn more about ENUF, share your story and sign the pledge at enuf.org.au 


The ENUF Pledge

  • I pledge to challenge HIV stigma whenever and wherever I see it.
  • I will not sit by and allow anyone living with HIV to fear disclosure.
  • I will take action when I see others gossiping about, rejecting and/or promoting negative stereotypes about people living with HIV.
  • I commit to being part of the solution, not part of the problem.