Disclosing your HIV status

lpvgarden-4465Disclosure is most often defined as the action of making new or secret information known; and for people living with HIV, disclosure is a major event which is planned, pre-meditated and performed – often for the rest of their lives. Sometimes the impact of the act of disclosure can be anticipated, other times it is an act of pure improvisation. Often the hope is for a reaction that is generous and understanding, however, far too often the reaction to an HIV disclosure can be devastating.

Disclosing your HIV-positive status is often difficult, whether it’s a sexual partner, a friend, family member, employer or anyone else you decide to tell. Even though the medical treatment for most people living with HIV has advanced to a point where HIV has become a manageable condition, the issue of stigma surrounding HIV is still felt by many with anxiety that can be both internalised and externalised.