Staying on Treatment

All medicines have side effects and they can range from being unpleasant or not being noticeable at all. The goal of HIV treatment is to control the HIV virus and this means finding the right combination of medicines that will fight the HIV in your body and cause few or no side effects. When a person takes their medication regularly this helps stop HIV from coming resistant to the medications.

Some tips to help with taking your treatment:

  • Use a pill box with divided containers.
  • Make treatment part of your daily routine, like cleaning your teeth
  • Set an alarm/reminder on your phone
  • Use apps like myLife+ to help keep track of your medications and blood tests
  • Talk to your doctor about whether a long-acting injectable HIV treatment option would work for you

The peer support team at Living Positive Victoria is here to talk through any challenges you might be having with finding and staying on treatment. Of course, we strongly encourage you to speak with your S100 prescriber before making any treatment-related decisions.

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