Living Positive Victoria has always worked from an inclusive and non-discriminatory framework.  We do this because we know the impact of stigma and discrimination on all of the diverse communities that we engage with through our programs and services.  Social justice and civil rights for ALL people living with HIV are key in our advocacy for our community.

We also know that the best way to deal with stigma is to build resilient individuals and communities and the foundations of resilience are strong intimate relationships. Loving and being loved and the celebration and recognition of our relationships in all of their diversity should be available to all of our members under the Marriage Act.

We ask all of our members, our supporters and the broader community to participate in the upcoming postal survey and to consider voting YES to marriage equality.

Our time has come.

Love is Love.

We recognise that some of our members may feel vulnerable at this time and encourage those who need support to reach out to relevant services, including our own, for support.