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Living Positive Victoria is pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Keane as Chief Executive Officer. Mr Keane’s tenure will begin on 2 July 2018.

Living Positive Victoria President, Christabel Millar, congratulated Mr Keane on the appointment.

“I am delighted to welcome Richard to the organisation at such a pivotal role. We know with confidence that the organisation is in the capable hands of a seasoned and cultured individual,” said Millar.

“Living Positive Victoria was born out of the passion and dedication of people living with HIV. Richard will
preserve that legacy while pursuing an exciting new vision for all people living with HIV in Victoria.”

Mr Keane’s passion for the HIV community allowed him to take on a diversity of roles within the HIV response over the last 25 years. Some of his previous engagements include being a member of the AIDS Ministerial Advisory Committee, a facilitator of the Positive Leadership Development Institute Australia/New Zealand and the former President of Living Positive Victoria.

“I am honoured to have this opportunity to lead an organisation whose people and culture has enabled myself and countless others to build skills and resilience over the last three decades,” said Keane. “In my role as CEO, I will continue to champion the meaningful involvement of people living with HIV as central to an effective community-led response.”

The role attracted international candidates and was followed by a rigorous recruitment and selection process. Mr Keane was selected as the candidate with the passion, vision and leadership needed to lead the organisation.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank all candidates for considering Living Positive Victoria as their next employment venture and wish each person all the best in their future endeavours,” said Millar.

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