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Living Positive Victoria is pleased to provide the findings of an independently commissioned review of the ENUF Program 2012 – 2018.

ENUF was conceived as a vehicle to challenge the stigma and discrimination that has become a part of our daily lives as people living with HIV. This campaign provided opportunities for people living with HIV to share stories of stigma and the impact that has on the way others see us and the way that we see ourselves.

A series of innovative community cultural engagement activities helped share this message through a range of mediums to engage the broader community and challenge perceptions.

The campaign was originally developed to create a strong focus on HIV stigma in the lead up to AIDS 2014 and during the conference. Such was the energy generated at this time, that Living Positive Victoria extended the life of the campaign for a further four years to maximise its engagement and affect on those who it reached.

Read the Executive Summary and Full Report