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Donations to IACM2021 will go towards supporting our programs and services and the people living with HIV who need them.

Reflecting back on the genesis of the AIDS epidemic in Australia, one of our Keynote Speakers for IACM2021, long-time HIV nurse and Family therapist, Judith Gorst remarks, “I have so many intense and powerful memories of those times. I’m thinking back about how desperately unwell the patients were at that time and how the virus affected them.”

Fellow Keynote Speaker, HIV Researcher, Professor Suzanne Crowe adds, “There was so little we could offer when there was still no treatment that was safe for the virus, so we were basically left with trying to provide support, friendship, compassion, kindness, respect, treating people with dignity and help them deal with family issues right until the end.”

Despite the lack of effective treatment at time, Prof. Crowe highlights the strong legacy so many people before us have left that have helped shaped the face of HIV care today: from the countless HIV drugs trials; the reinforcement of patient-centred care; hundreds of HIV research; the introduction of peer support and relentless HIV advocacy, and most importantly, to the culture of care and resilience that have been born from this tragedy that continues to fuel our fight to provide care for all people living with HIV and challenge the HIV stigma in our society today.

Help continue their legacy and celebrate their lives with us by donating to the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial today.

Your donation will go towards achieving our shared goal of making sure that all people living with HIV live their lives to their full potential, in good health and free from discrimination . Your charitable donation will positively make a difference to HIV advocacy and create hope for the future by providing quality peer support, innovative health promotion programs and events to improve the quality of life of all People living with HIV in Victoria.


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