COVID-19 vaccinations are now available for adults living with HIV

The HIV movement continues to be led by its principles of informed-choice, bodily autonomy, and community collaboration. Help continue our shared legacy by protecting yourself, your family and community by getting vaccinated today.
We are now on Phase 1B of Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine roll out, which means all people living with HIV are now eligible to access the COVID-19 Vaccine.This includes international travellers, workers and students.  Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine can help prevent severe disease due to COVID-19 and potentially reduce its transmission.
The vaccine is safe, effective and free and by getting vaccinated you’re helping to protect yourself and your family from COVID-19.

If you are aged 50 years and over, you can access the AstraZeneca vaccine through a State vaccination clinic or your GP.

If you are under 50 years of age, you will be eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine from Monday 17 May 2021 by booking at a State vaccination clinic.

To make an appointment call Victorian Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398.  Vaccination clinics are available across metropolitan and regional Victoria. To check for your nearest vaccination site, please visit our website.

You can access further information about how plan for your vaccination here.

What if I am not eligible for Medicare?

If you do not have a Medicare card, it is recommended that you apply for an Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) through Services Australia.

Please note that this is not essential. An Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) is a unique number used to identify an individual for health care purposes and My Health Record. You will need an IHI if you want your COVID-19 vaccination recorded in the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).

Your vaccination history can be accessed by you and by your health care provider.

Download and complete the Individual Healthcare Identifier Form. This form is also available in different languages.

Looking after yourself and others

Everyone should think about and put in place the best practices for themselves to minimise exposure to COVID-19. Try to avoid anyone who is coughing or sneezing and touching your face. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently with soap and/or hand sanitiser. While everyone is at risk of catching COVID-19, it can be especially dangerous for people over 60 and people with pre-existing conditions. These conditions include heart, lung, and kidney disease as well as neurological conditions, diabetes and impaired immune systems. It is important to note that being undetectable does not necessarily mean that your immune system is not impaired. If you are concerned, please check with your HIV specialist. If you are currently on treatment for HIV, it is recommended that you ensure that you have enough medication for 6 months. You can call your HIV specialist if you need more medication and they can arrange for a script to be sent to the pharmacy for you to collect.

While the government is encouraging people to physically distance themselves and/or self isolate, it is important for everyone to feel connected with their friends, family, and loved ones in other ways. Remember to check in on those you care about; all it takes is a phone call.

LPV would like to remind everyone to be respectful and considerate to others; especially those who may be having a particularly difficult time. The elderly in our community may choose to self isolate to protect themselves and we should respect this choice, but that does not mean that we abandon them. Please check in on anyone who you think might be at risk of social isolation. Offer to make contactless deliveries if you are able to. Remember that we are all in this together and we need to look after each other.

Latest news and updates about COVID-19

The COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly, and you can find the latest updated advice on as issued by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services COVID-19 website.

Our local sector partners, Positive Women Victoria and Thorne Harbour Health, may also be a valuable source of information and support at this time.

If you are experiencing anxiety, stress or uncertainty, Beyond Blue can be a valuable source of information and advice.

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