Meet Team LPV

Meet Randelle

Why are you participating in the Bike Ride?

I’m taking part in the Bike Ride to show my support for the #HIV community and help raise awareness that people living with #HIV are living well and thriving!



What message about supporting people living with HIV would you like to share?

I want people to know HIV can affect any person regardless of their economic background, age, race, ethnicity, or gender.  How a person contracted the virus is irrelevant. All people living with HIV deserves to be treated with dignity and live free from #stigma. I want all #Victorians to be educated around HIV,  the amazing progress the sector has made and call out HIV misinformation and stigma when they see it.

What is your personal goal for the bike ride?

I want to be able to finish the course (Lol!) and educate other participants of the Great Victorian Bike Ride about HIV.

Meet Dean

What motivated you to participate?

After so many months in and out of lockdown, I jumped at this opportunity to have something to look forward to and be part of a cause I support wholeheartedly.

For decades, Living Positive Victoria has been supporting and advocating for the needs of all people living with HIV in Victoria, and I wanted to join this mission by raising visibility for the organisation and their work. It’s thanks to LPV and similar community-led organisations that the stigma of HIV is not what it once was, but there is still work to be done to break down misinformation and change the perception that being HIV positive limits your chance of a healthy life – it does not.

What message do you think it is important to get across about people living with HIV?

For a very long time the way I have thought about HIV is that everyone has a status, either positive or negative. We are one and the same regardless of HIV, and in no way does our status define who we are or what we can achieve. This is the message I want to get across: living with HIV in no way means a life with limitations or with less opportunity. In fact, it means a life filled with opportunities to show what can be achieved.

What personal goal do you have by doing the bike ride?

320km over 4 days is an achievement in itself. Let’s not gloss over that. But more than anything I am looking forward to training with the team and crossing the finish line together.

Meet Matt

Why are you participating in the Bike Ride?

I’ve signed up to help raise awareness and show that #HIV positive people aren’t hindered by their status and are able to live full lives. While also raising money for LPV to continue its vital ongoing work to support those living with HIV, battling stigma.

What message about supporting people living with HIV would you like to share?

I’ve always been a keen commuter cyclist, and casual Sunday rider, so to have to power through 320kms over 4 days is certainly going to be a challenge, but one I’m hoping to rise to.

What is your personal goal for the bike ride?

While all these lockdowns have made training difficult, to be able to bring this year to a close by achieving such a massive goal will be so rewarding and it keeps me positive.

Meet Craig

Why are you participating in the Bike Ride

I really enjoy cycling and challenging myself. Team LPV’s bike ride seemed a perfect way for me to do a hobby I love and be social while doing it. I’m excited to do this bike ride with my amazing teammates.

What message about health and wellbeing would you like to get across?

I would like my fellow people living with HIV to know that they can take an active part in monitoring their own health. Whether that is through exercise and self care or by taking an active part in engaging with their healthcare providers.

Do you have a personal goal or something you would like to achieve from doing the bike ride?

I would like to complete the ride, but, more importantly, I would like to be there for my teammates to support them in completing the ride. I would like to do my best to make sure we complete this goal as a team.

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