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After an extensive recruitment process, Living Positive Victoria has appointed Communications, Marketing and Creative Industries professional, Brenton Geyer, to the full time role of Senior Communications Officer.



Brenton brings his extensive and diverse experience in communications & marketing, community cultural engagement, event management and stakeholder development to the role of Senior Communications Officer. Brenton’s ability to steer the Communications role in exciting new directions is enhanced by his five years’ experience as the Coordinator of Living Positive Victoria’s ENUF Campaign as well as a number of community cultural engagement partnerships that he directed during his presence at LPV since 2013.

As someone who is living with HIV, Brenton will bring a lived-experience of the challenges faced by people living HIV. “I’ve been through the war, fought some hard battles, and overcome adversity with an acquired resilience and an uncompromising belief in myself. This has given me a unique insight to identify where attention needs to be directed in order to maintain LPV’s focus on the ongoing mental and physical wellbeing of those of us living with HIV, within a communications, marketing and media-driven framework”, says Brenton. “This, coupled with my understanding of community-building through creative cultural processes, places in me in the enviable position of being able to reconfigure what the role of a Communications professional can look like and achieve for an organisation like LPV.” Says Brenton.

LPV CEO Richard Keane welcomes Brenton to the role by saying “Brenton has been engaged in multiple roles at Living Positive Victoria over the last five years. His involvement has invigorated our reach and program scope across a range of cultural and anti-stigma campaigns as well as event management in our 30th year. Brenton adds a unique skill set in engaging our diverse membership and communities affected by HIV and translating those insights to reach beyond the scope of our usual audience. We are extremely excited to have him available to fill this important role for us at this time.”

The HIV landscape is in a state of constant change, with continual improvements in the way we can and do look after ourselves and look out for our community. The role of Senior Communications Officer will be one that will need to respond to this ever-changing state with learned, engaging and qualitative results. It is for these outcomes that LPV measures its meaningful engagement with all people living with HIV today, tomorrow and beyond.