Programs and Services

One on One Support

Our One to One Peer Support program connects people living with HIV with a member of our Peer Support Team which is made up of people living with HIV. They are there to support you in your journey with HIV, help you achieve your goals and reach full health and emotional wellbeing.

Peer support staff can help you navigate you HIV journey, whether you have been recently diagnosed or have been living with HIV for some time. They offer a knowledgeable, supportive environment in which you can explore your concerns and fears about living with HIV. They can also connect you to other programs, help you with referrals to other services and provide information on many aspects of living with HIV.

Our peer support team members can arrange to meet you in our centrally located offices or they can come to you, meet you at a health clinic, hospital or other safe environment. You can also connect with our team by phone or Skype if that suits you better, particularly if you are located in a rural area.

We also provide support families and partners. We understand that it is important that everyone surrounding the person living with HIV has support. Because of the stigma that surrounds HIV many family members and partners can feel silenced and unable to access support for themselves. We offer a safe space for couples to explore issues raised by HIV such as disclosure, HIV prevention for partners, accessing treatments and immigration law.

Our staff are bound by our Privacy Policy and take your privacy and confidentiality seriously. You can read our Privacy Policy here.

For more information email or call 03 9863 8733.