Our ENUF Ambassadors have come together this summer to tackle HIV-related stigma head on. These 12 messages aim to encourage all people, regardless of their HIV status, to refuse to tolerate any type of HIV stigma whenever they see it.

One of our newest ENUF Ambassador, Campbell Clarkson, is a 25 year old queer identifying male and made the move to Australia from New Zealand nearly five years ago. Campbell is an HIV activist and a youth and young adults advocate who has an ability to give motivation and inspiration wherever he goes. Through his role as an Ambassador, he believes he can influence the way people think by showing them that people living with HIV lead lives like anyone else with normal jobs, hobbies and relationships.

“We have the opportunity to engage with a huge group of people living with HIV who’ve been through it,” said Campbell. “There’s a lot of love and care within the PLHIV community and we need to utilise this. I’m proud to be a helping hand in what can be a difficult world.”

Read more about what the ENUF Ambassadors have to say about HIV-related stigma and add your voice to the campaign by signing the ENUF Pledge at enuf.org.au

The ENUF Pledge


  • I pledge to challenge HIV stigma whenever and wherever I see it.
  • I will not sit by and allow anyone living with HIV to fear disclosure.
  • I will take action when I see others gossiping about, rejecting and/or promoting negative stereotypes about people living with HIV.
  • I commit to being part of the solution, not part of the problem.

“We now have solid evidence behind us. Know the facts. Control your diagnosis. Don’t let your diagnosis control you.

Campbell Clarkson

ENUF Ambassador