About Us

Our Team

Living Positive Victoria Staff


Chief Executive Officer Brent Allan
Manager, Health Promotion Suzy Malhotra
Manager, Straight Arrows Sara Graham 
Manager, Business Support David Westlake
Communications Officer Randelle Anderson
ENUF Campaign Officer Brenton Geyer
Health Promotion Officer Dimitri Daskalakis
Health Promotion Officer Sarah Hocking
Health Promotion Officer Timothy Krulic
Health Promotion Officer Vic Perri
Peer Support Officer Anthony McCarthy
Peer Support Officer Matthew Powell
Systems Project Officer Cristian Cortes Garzon
Senior Policy and Research Officer Joel Murray
Speakers Bureau Co-ordinator Max Niggl
Photographer Daniel Burke



Board of Directors


President Richard Keane
Vice President Jeffrey Robertson
Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Shane Buckley
Director Christabel Millar
Director Peter Collins
Director Vacant
Director Wayne Hornsby